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While people may seek regular physical examinations for their physical health or regular dental checkups for their teeth, they are less likely to seek regular checkups for their eyes. Without proper vision care and regular appointments, there is a higher chance of a vision issue or condition going undetected. Due to that, people will risk serious or even permanent damage to their eyes.

By seeking professional vision care from our optometrists at Bright Eyes Optometry, we can help to keep the health of a patient's eyes in check. If you have not had a routine vision care check-up in several years or suffer from vision problems of any kind, then you may want to consider calling us. Your eye health is incredibly important and plays a large role in your ability to function normally each day and can even impact your overall health.

Our team has the tools and skills necessary to help identify and treat a patient's vision issues.

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The importance of Professional Vision Care

By visiting us for an appointment, we can conduct an examination of the patient's overall eye health. We can measure the strength of their vision and recommend any methods to help them see more clearly. With proper vision care, we can prevent a variety of eye conditions from getting worse.

Benefits of professional vision care, include:

  • Being able to improve vision with glasses, contacts and other possible procedures
  • Helping patients achieve more comfort with their vision
  • Help patients function in daily life without their vision getting in the way
  • Promoting ocular health
  • Finding early signs and preventing vision conditions in the future
  • As an optometrist and ophthalmologist, we can provide the necessary examination to detect any eye issues that may be present. This can help treat any current issues and prevent further issues down the line. Additionally, healthy eyes feel more comfortable and allow people to see and function better each day.

    A lesser-known benefit of vision care, good eye health can help treat frequent headaches and other general health concerns. The days of going through life with red, dry eyes that are unattractive are over, and you can keep your eyes healthy and looking great through routine vision checkups.

    When to visit the optometrist for Vision Care

    One of the more frequently asked questions when it comes to vision care has to do with how often one needs to visit the optometrist for routine care. The answer to this question varies per person. However, in most cases, an annual checkup is recommended for people who struggle with vision issues.

    There are several factors to consider when seeking vision care, including the age, previous eye health and hereditary factors of the patient. Young and middle-aged adults who have not had many, if any, eye complications in the past may only need vision care check-up and treatment every two years, whereas older adults or those who have had eye problems in the past may need to have their vision and eye health checked annually.

    As far as vision is concerned, it is important to schedule an appointment with an eye professional anytime signs of poor vision exist. These signs can include blurred vision when close to an object(farsightedness), far away from an object(nearsightedness) or vision that is not clear regardless of distance(astigmatism).

    The Vision care Process

    The vision care process for each patient is different and depends largely on whether or not they have symptoms of poor vision or eye problems. However, the process for most patients often involves the following:

  • Documentation of symptoms
  • Reviewing the patient’s medical history
  • Vision and eye testing
  • Diagnosis of any eye conditions
  • Treatment for eye complications
  • Of course, not every patient who comes in for a vision care check-up requires treatment. Oftentimes, educating the person on how to maintain good vision through lifestyle choices and a daily care routine is enough. Although instances where a vision issue or general eye health problem is discovered, there are various treatment options available.

    These options may include prescription glasses, specialty contact lenses or medication. Since each patient is unique, the needs of each patient will be different.

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    If it has been years since your last check-up, you show signs of vision complications or have developed chronic eye complications, then contact us today and schedule a time to come in for an appointment. At Bright Eyes Optometry, we have a dedicated team of professionals who are willing and able to help ensure you maintain good eye health overall. Do not hesitate to seek proper vision care today.

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