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Among the many conditions of the eye that can affect vision, Keratoconus is one of the most serious. This disease distorts your vision by changing the shape of the cornea into that of a cone. Our team can help recommend options to help you manage its symptoms. Keratoconus treatment successfully keeps the damaging consequences of this condition under control so you can continue to see.

Keratoconus treatment is available at Bright Eyes Optometry in Mt Vernon and the surrounding area. Since your eyesight is a crucial part of your daily life, it is essential to seek professional treatment as soon as possible. We can help you receive the treatment you need to continue living life to the fullest without untreated vision issues holding you back.

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In a healthy eye, the person’s cornea is round. However, when keratoconus is present, the cornea progressively becomes thinner and changes shape into a bulging cone. When light enters the retina portion of the eye, the incorrectly shaped cornea deflects the light, affecting the vision.

Patients may not even notice the vision issues right away. In some cases, patients will live with these issues and not believe they need any form of eyesight treatment. Since this treatment can gradually worsen over the span of 10 to 20 years, it is crucial to seek professional treatment.

Causes and Symptoms of Keratoconus

While it can be challenging to identify the exact causes, we can help to provide treatment that will manage symptoms. When patients visit our office, we will review the person’s health history, including any recent surgeries and medications. Our team will conduct a thorough eye exam, as well. Possible causes of keratoconus treatment can include:

  • Genetics
  • Excessive eye rubbing
  • Allergies

It is helpful for patients to be aware of the symptoms of this disease. At first, a person with keratoconus may experience blurry or distorted vision, where straight lines appear to be wavy. The eyes may become red, and the patient may be sensitive to light.

If not treated, this condition can worsen, and it may become increasingly more difficult for the patient to focus on objects. Also, when contact lenses are no longer comfortable to wear, the person may have this disease.

The Treatment Process

In mild cases, our ophthalmologist may be able to prescribe eyeglasses to control the person’s vision. Special contact lenses are also an effective way to help the patient focus correctly. In more progressive and severe situations, patients may need a cornea transplant. In this treatment, a healthy cornea will replace all or part of the patient’s damaged one. Another option is to place curved devices called Intacs into the person’s cornea to slow down the effects of keratoconus.

Depending on the treatment we implement, patients can experience a variety of benefits. Some of the treatments will strengthen the corneal tissue by stopping the way it changes shape. Others, such as contact lenses, can improve nearsighted or farsighted conditions.

When patients come to our office for treatment, we will also perform effective follow-up care. This follow-up care allows our team to measure any changes in the patient's vision. It is critical for patients to make regular visits to our office and to inform our ophthalmologist when additional symptoms appear.

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Keratoconus is a concerning eye disease that can worsen if you do not address it. Luckily, our ophthalmologist has the knowledge and training to identify and treat it. Call us at 914-668-1429 and schedule an appointment to begin the path toward treatment today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are eye exams so important?

An annual eye appointment is vital for people of all ages, even if they do not think there are any vision issues. The exam can detect significant conditions such as keratoconus by looking closely at the cornea. These exams will also enable our ophthalmologist to make an appropriate treatment plan.

How long will it take to identify keratoconus?

A thorough exam by a professional can assess whether a patient needs glasses. It can also show when there is damage to the eye. These exams usually only take an hour or less.

What happens if the ophthalmologist diagnoses keratoconus?

After evaluating the tests, our ophthalmologist will discuss the results with the patient. Our team will come up with an appropriate treatment plan, including the need for eyeglasses. We will also talk to the patient about what to expect from the treatment and how the condition will affect the person’s eyesight.

Can keratoconus go away?

Even the most effective, aggressive treatment cannot cure keratoconus. However, with diligence and proactive attention, the patient can keep the symptoms from progressing. Eyeglasses and contact lenses are common ways to manage distorted vision.

How many appointments will I need per year?

The number of appointments you will need per year will depend on the condition and severity of the symptoms. In most cases, we will need at least one appointment per year. The patient can also reach out to us and schedule an appointment if they have any concerns.

Why is eye rubbing a risk factor?

No one is certain whether rubbing one’s eye causes keratoconus. However, this action can scratch the cornea and possibly increase the risk of this disease. It can also make some eye illnesses, such as pinkeye, worse.

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