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Even with store-bought eye drops and other products, people who struggle with dry eyes may find limited or unsatisfactory results when using these products. With professional dry eye treatment in New Rochelle, NY, we can help find a solution that provides long-lasting results. More serious cases of dry eye that either show symptoms which hinder function or last for an extended amount of time should be treated by professional.

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Benefits of Professional dry eye Treatment

As an optometrist, our team can determine the most effective course of action and recommend how to proceed. Along with treating the dry eyes, our team can help determine if there are any other conditions with the patient's eyes. We focus on finding the cause and treating it, instead of merely relieving symptoms.

Do not continue to struggle with dry eyes and seek professional treatment for lasting relief.

Dry eye treatment in New Rochelle, NY can be beneficial and even necessary. Benefits of seeking professional dry eye care from an optometrist for treatment include:

  • Find effective and lasting symptom relief
  • Prevent the issue from getting worse
  • Less difficulty seeing clearly throughout the day
  • Less difficulty focusing on a screen, book or at objects throughout the day
  • Helping detect any other vision issues
  • A common reason to consider visiting us for dry eye treatment in New Rochelle, NY is to increase one's level of productivity. Whether the patient works at a desk or outside, dry eyes can make any task difficult. By treating the issue, we can help patients continue their level of daily productivity and focus without the dry eyes getting in the way.

    Additionally, we can help to detect and diagnose any other signs of vision issues. If the dry eyes are the result of another condition, we will recommend the necessary treatment. As an ophthalmologist, we can help treat a variety of eye diseases at the source of the pain and not just relieving the symptoms.

    When to visit us for dry eye Treatment

    It is important to be able to distinguish the difference between a minor case of dry eyes and a more serious condition. Since people are all prone to having dry eyes at one point or another, there is a chance that it is a minor case. However, there are many cases of dry eyes that start out small and become worse over time.

    Subsequently, any case that results in an inability to focus and function normally throughout the day or that last for more than a week likely requires professional treatment. Patients need to visit us if they begin to experience:

  • Severe burning of the eyes
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Inability to wear contacts
  • Trouble functioning at work
  • Blurry or double vision
  • In some instances, dry eyes are a symptom of a more serious underlying issue that requires prompt diagnosis and treatment. It is important to take eye care seriously and notify us when symptoms continue to persist. While people may be tempted to wait out the condition with store-bought eye drops or other products, they may be investing in the wrong brand.

    Instead of wasting money, unsure if the specific product will actually treat the issue, we can help patients find the correct treatment they need.

    Dry Eye Treatment

    There are a number of potential causes of dry eyes. The range of treatment options is also fairly extensive. Our goal with dry eye treatment in New Rochelle, NY is to determine the underlying cause of the condition before treating it, instead of only relieving the symptoms.

    Dry eye treatment options include:

  • Prescription medications
  • Vision care treatment
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Using certain brands of eye drops
  • If the underlying cause is due to one’s lifestyle - such as not taking enough breaks while staring at a screen all day, then lifestyle changes with other treatment methods may help. However, more serious cases require extensive dry eye treatment. This can include prescription anti-inflammatory medication, prescription eye drops, therapy and other techniques to help relieve pain and pressure.

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    Dry eye treatment is important to ensure further complications do not develop or the dry eye does not affect your daily life over an extended amount of time. If you struggle with dry eye and want to learn more about how to effectively treat the condition, then call us today and schedule an appointment.

    Here at Bright Eyes Optometry , we can walk you through the entire process of dry eye treatment and help you find the relief you need. With our help, you will be able to continue daily functions without dry eyes getting in the way.

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