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At Bright Eyes Optometry, our team strives to provide patients with the necessary lenses, contacts, treatment, and regular checkups their eyesight needs to remain healthy. One’s vision requires the same level of care that other aspects of one’s health do. With annual appointments, we can detect the early signs of various conditions and begin treatment before the condition reaches the worst stage.

Under the direction of Dr. Sumati Deutscher, our team can help patients find the treatment or lenses that meet their needs. With our services, most patients will have several options when it comes to wearing glasses to aid their eyesight. The first step is to call us at 914-668-1429 and schedule an appointment.

During the initial examination, we will measure the health of your eyesight before determining what form of eyewear, contacts, or lenses you need.

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Dr. Sumati Deutscher

Dr. Sumati Deutscher is an Optometrist specializing in functional and medical vision care for over 20 years. After graduating from Mount Holyoke College majoring in fine arts, Dr. Deutscher attended Columbia Universities’ Post Baccalaureate Program to study the medical sciences. In 2001 she graduated from SUNY College of Optometry. After ten years of working with ophthalmology, Dr. Sumati Deutscher founded Bright Eyes Optometry, a labor of love built to service her community with exceptional eye care. Dr. Deutscher is committed to providing personalized eye care for the whole family. Her genuine affection, concern, and commitment to her patients is evident at Bright Eyes Optometry.

Sammie Sapp

Sammie Sapp manages the inner workings of Bright Eyes Optometry. She is fun, quick to laugh and able to fit you with the best glasses you have ever had. She keeps us efficient so we can help you from “hello” to “see you again soon!”

Stephen Sanabria

Stephen Sanabria serves as the optician at Bright Eyes Optometry, He is knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Stephen is trusted by many clients because he is thoughtful and attentive. He hopes to continue his studies to become an optometrist one day.

Suku Powers

Suku Powers, MPIA brings over 20 years of experience in organizational management and public health. She enthusiastically manages our operations and serves as our community engagement liaison.